How the Parade Vulcans are Made

The Vulcans on Parade statues are fabricated by Icon Poly. The first part of the process was to create a mold for the statues. Since we could not just take a mold of the statue at Vulcan Park and Museum, Icon Poly used pictures to create a foam replica of the Vulcan statue.






Images like the one on the left and details from Robinson Iron were used to create a foam replica of the real Vulcan statue. First the picture was converted to a 3D CAD image, shown below on the left. Then the foam replica, shown below, was created from that image. 

After the foam replica was approved a negative impression mold was created. This is the mold that is now used to create the fiberglass statues that are a part of Vulcans on Parade.

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Vulcans on Parade